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Perhaps this is the most precious part for us women, because it means the time, we dedicate to ourselves, to our friends, to school activities.  One hour of the day is already set aside to do a physical activity, the earlier the better, so the rest of the day remains, I take advantage when the girls are at school, then I go to the office, and I already have in my agenda the important points of the day that I cannot miss and those with less importance.

Twice a month I take my lunch break to catch up with some friends, spend more time with my husband, get a manicure, a massage, do my hair or do a little shopping, even if it’s just for lipstick, that generates wellbeing. I spend an hour of my afternoons supervising the girls’ school activities.  At home we all have dinner together, read as a family and the girls go to bed early.  The little time that is left is to share with my husband, watch a movie or plan the next day, I love to sleep early, rest is also important.

Gaby Tarkany - Pastor Maldonado
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