Gaby Tarkany Biografía

For me, the biggest secret is in organization, investing time in things that you consider productive and giving our family quality time.

Gaby Tarkany - Biografía

Born on November 12, 1982, in the city of Maracay – Venezuela. At the age of 21 she completed her academic preparation and obtained a degree in Social Communication, mention in Journalism; a career she developed at the same time as her musical studies at the Federico Villena School, where she learned Theory and Solfeggio and at the Conservatory of Aragua State, where she practiced lyrical singing with the renowned teacher and lyrical singer, Norma Herrera. In addition, she was part of Elide Vega’s Dance School in her hometown.


In 2003 she took part in a talent contest called Escuela de Solistas and won the highest prize in the category of professional female voice. From that moment on she takes her artistic inclination seriously and joins as a soloist a group called Mr. Vikingo, with them she performed different presentations. Soon after, she decided to continue as a soloist, making different national presentations, where she was able to share the stage with outstanding artists such as David Bisbal and Jeremías.

Later he decides to found his own advertising and audiovisual production company, where he obtained a significant professional development and was a reference for some big brands with whom he collaborated in consecutive years.


In 2006 she began her relationship with the race car driver, Pastor Maldonado, whom she met while working and with whom she created a very solid relationship from the beginning.  Gaby alternated her work commitments with trips to Europe to support her then boyfriend.


She made some musical recordings in Spain, the United States and Milan, but in 2012 she married Pastor and starting a family became a priority.

Gaby managed to be a fundamental part of Pastor’s team and handled the public relations part of Pastor’s stay in Formula One, as well as the logistics that the driver had to have for the international championships.

Gaby Tarkany y Pastor Maldonado Biografía

Together they founded a real estate restructuring and interior design company, in which they are currently working thanks to their passion for Italian design and the knowledge acquired with the best architects in Italy.

Currently Gaby is co-founder and manager of a Family Office, a wealth management company, called GPM Group.  There she develops marketing, real estate, planning and administration tasks.

Gaby Tarkany y Pastor Maldonado


Husbands are our first children, and in my case, Pastor likes not to lose my attention at any time.  I carry with me an agenda divided in two, so I can see the commitments of both and above all remember the most important things.


I also have a weekly meal planner for both of us, so I don’t have to think about what to prepare for each meal of the day.


It is very important to get out of the routine and at least twice a month I organize a nice dinner as a couple or with friends.  It helps a lot to release the tensions of work and home.

Gaby Tarkany - Familia


It is true that children require a great deal of our attention, and that task becomes heavier when you live far away from the family.


Routines are very important, and I have been very strict with my daughters’ meal and rest schedules; this way you can organize yourself better because you determine the times you will be busy to plan the rest of the things.


I keep these weekly schedules and activities on a calendar.  This way I can know the day of the school sports uniform, the complementary activities, and the snacks she must take to each of her daily activities.

Gaby Tarkany - Estilo de Vida


Despite all the work and family commitments, I don’t neglect having certain moments for myself. After dropping the girls off at school, I dedicate an hour to exercise, some days I go to the gym, others to the mountains, and I also complement my routines with Pilates.   I enjoy those moments very much and most of them I am in the company of my husband, who is quite demanding when it comes to sports.


Every 3 weeks, I set aside 2 hours to do what I call “maintenance”, either doing my hair, nails, a facial or anything that takes me out of my work environment.  We must not forget that being presentable increases our self-esteem and the way others look at you.

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