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As a professional, wife, mother, athlete and with a healthy lifestyle, I would like to share all my experiences to fulfill the responsibilities that come with it.

In addition, I would like to share how we invest our time and resources in the philanthropic area, with programs aimed at children in different areas, through the Viva Foundation, whose purpose is to give continuity to the work that has been done in previous years and to contribute our grain of sand for different causes that contribute to a better future for the little ones.

There are no limits to be what you want to be.

Gaby Tarkany - Home

I have had the best motivation

I have had a fast paced life with all my personal responsibilities and accompanying my husband, Pastor, who is a high performance athlete. Life pushed me and taught me to be multifaceted in many areas, and to adapt and give my best in all situations that arise day after day.


With my husband, I have been able to know much of the world, and thanks to that, we have lived experiences that have made us grow as people. And now, happily, we are parents of two beautiful girls, who have inherited the strength, courage and bravery of their parents.


I am one of those people who always see the glass half full and thanks to that I have always taken the best of every moment I have had to live.

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Facets of success

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Learning every day to be...

Gaby Tarkany - Familia


My husband, being a high-performance athlete, takes great care of his diet and physical training, and I take advantage of this and do them with him, so we spend more time together.

Gaby Tarkany - Familia


We dedicate valuable quality time to our daughters, as we are working on the athletic development of both of them, time that helps us strengthen our family bond.

Gaby Tarkany - Gerente

Business leader

From a very early age I have been an entrepreneurial woman and committed to both work and clients. So, if you ask me the key to this, I will tell you "Organization".

Household management

I believe that the most important thing is that each household can create its own organization manual, and that each family member has a role to play, even if it is minimal.

Gaby Tarkany - Biografía


One of the most valuable items, and one that should be given great importance, is the time we dedicate to ourselves. Taking on so many roles in our daily lives, it is necessary to breathe.


Being responsible with everything is a great challenge, since our agendas are always very full, but it is the great value that will seal your life, and make you known. So it is not an option.

Last entries of my Blog

Every week I will be sharing anecdotes and experiences that will help you manage your time and learn how to organize yourself to fulfill all your responsibilities and give everyone the attention they deserve.

    For me, the secret is...


    The organization


    Knowing how to invest time


    Quality family time


    Not being careless as a person

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