Gaby Tarkany Business Leader
Gaby Tarkany - Empresaria

From a very early age I have been entrepreneurial and committed to both work and clients. I started with an Advertising and Audiovisual Production company, but I must confess that one of the best universities I had was Formula 1.  There, I was not only the girlfriend and wife of a driver, but I was also in charge of logistics, planning, itinerary organization, and public relations.


One of my great passions is interior design and architecture, and together with my husband I founded a company to restructure real estate properties to the final product.  We use mostly high quality Italian brands for the development of our projects.

Today I am heading a family wealth management company.

In addition, at the Family Office (FO), I am in charge of the real estate side.  I have a schedule of payment dates for services and something that helps me a lot is the automation of payments monthly.

After that, I must download the receipts and invoices to take care of the administrative part.  Thanks to our team, we have developed a software to see more clearly the expenses of each property.

I also manage the new family and business projects and manage the marketing area for both.  It is necessary to manage priorities to move forward and achieve each proposed goal.

Gaby Tarkany - Familia
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